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Desert Pool Guard

Desert Pool Guard is the Leading Pool Safety Company in the Coachella Valley. Owner, Ben Burgess, has over 15 years of experience in mesh removable Pool Fence, Pool Covers and Pool Safety Nets. Ben has overseen and installed thousands pool fence installations and has become a Master Distributor of Mesh removable Pool fence.

Ben is committed to making your pool safe, while providing the right safety product that compliments your backyard, not takes away from it.


“It happens almost every time, after I install a mesh fence, the homeowner says it looks surprising better than they thought it would. First, parents feel good that they are protecting their children, but a second effect is that they feel good about how great the fence looks.”

Installations are reasonably quick, averaging half of a day and typically can be scheduled in less than a week. Once the fence is in, it is quick and easy to remove it and store it or put back up after a quick swim day. The fact that all of these products can be removed is appealing grandparents looking to protect their visiting grandchildren from the swimming pool for period of a week or two at a time. 

“Although it’s easy to take down the removable mesh pool fence, we offer a service to come take put up and take down your Pool Fence, so you can get one more round of golf in before the grand kids arrive”


Desert Pool Guard offers top quality product that lasts. Many of our customers will leave the pool fence up for years at a time. The lifetime warranty backs up the fact the Pool Guard Pool fence is made in the U.S.A and can go the distance in the desert sun in Indio, La Quinta and Cathedral City. 

Interested in Water Conservation?  Desert Pool Guard is the leading expert in the Palm Desert & Palm Springs area in Pool Covers. The right Pool Cover can preserve water and chemicals and reduce maintenance. Call Desert Pool Guard for more information 760 775 6703 or click on the request for a free estimate.   

Don't Worry Anymore About Your Swimming Pool Gate Being Left Open!

With a self-closing, self-latching, and key-lockable removable mesh pool gate from California Pool Guard, you can come out of your pool, exit through the gate and it will close and lock automatically behind you, giving you peace of mind!

It’s the California dream to have a swimming pool for fun-filled days with family and friends enjoying backyard barbeques, parties, and swimming. However, along with the wonderful benefits of having your own swimming pool, spa, and water slides comes the ever-present dangers of children gaining access to your pool area unnoticed and accidentally drowning. California Pool Guard is the most trusted name in California for Removable Mesh Swimming Pool Fencing serving pool-owners in all California communities from San Diego County in Southern California to Sacramento County, northern California, to the desert cities of Palm Springs.

What people are saying.

  • "Desert Pool Guard was great. I met with Ben the owner and he was very courteous and professional. The installation went smoothly and the pool gates look amazing. I was afraid of what they might look like but they turned out to be great and complimented my new pool remodel very well. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to add a pool gate. I considered several other companies and Desert Pool Guard were better on price and quality. In particular I received a quote from Guardian Pool Fences and while the rep was nice it took the company 6 weeks to schedule an estimate and they were very overpriced. If you live in the desert do not use Guardian as clearly it's not worth their time to do business with you. Desert Pool Guard, however, is top of the line."

    J A. Huntington Beach, CA

  • "I want to thank Pool Guard in San Diego for providing us with a much needed safety fence around our pool and in such a timely manner and professionalism.” “Ben Burgess he called me on a Thursday and offered to install it on Saturday which was perfect because I only had until Tuesday to get this done. Ben was aware of how much time we had so he made it happen for us with a couple of days to spare, I am very thankful and grateful to him for getting it done so quickly.” “There are good people in this world and this is a great example.”

    Christina Vargas